1. Machine Dreams
    Zubin Kanga

  2. Tintinnabulation
    Marcus Vergette

  3. Aeolian Mixtape

  4. ilolli-pop
    Alex Paxton

  5. Outside the Lines Vol. 5

  6. The Harmonic Canon Remixes

  7. Have you ever
    Claudia Molitor

  8. Astrophilia
    Jasmine Morris

  9. Sealand
    Classical Mechanics

  10. Fieldwave, Vol. 2

  11. Let Me Tell You Something
    Angela Wai Nok Hui

  12. Premonitions of the Unbuilt City
    Matt Rogers & Kit Downes

  13. TWINE
    SISU Percussion Ensemble / Rolf Wallin

  14. HachiRen
    Chihiro Ono

  15. Outside the Lines – Vol. 4

  16. I hope this finds you well in these strange times – Vol. 4

  17. Tape Works Vol. 2
    Langham Research Centre

  18. I hope this finds you well in these strange times – Vol. 3

  19. Six Hesit Heist
    Gabriel Prokofiev

  20. Para a frente
    Késia Decoté

  21. Sound Journeys: Switzerland

  22. Songbooks, Vol. 1
    Ligeti Quartet

  23. Sound Journeys: Switzerland – EP3

  24. I hope this finds you well in these strange times – Vol. 2

  25. Sound Journeys: Switzerland – EP2

  26. Heavier Sideways
    Tom Richards

  27. I hope this finds you well in these strange times – Vol. 1

  28. Loophole
    Roman Rofalski

  29. Sound Journeys: Switzerland – EP1

  30. 1:3:5:7 Improvised Duos
    Dominic Murcott

  31. Outside the Lines, Volumes 1–3

  32. Outside the Lines – Vol. 3

  33. Fieldwave

  34. The Harmonic Canon
    Dominic Murcott / arx duo

  35. Damsel Fish Waltz (Glass Piano edit)

  36. Tape Reworks Vol. 1 – Remixes by Jim O'Rourke and Group A
    Langham Research Centre (Remixes by Jim O'Rourke and Group A)

  37. Pink Nothing
    Tom Richards

  38. Outside the Lines – Vol. 2

  39. AURO
    Tre Voci and Kit Downes

  40. Tape Works Vol. 1
    Langham Research Centre

  41. Outside the Lines - Vol. 1
    Various Artists

  42. Nonclassical 001-020
    Various Artists

  43. The Art Of Remix EP #1
    Various Artists

  44. Live @ Nonclassical vol. #1
    Various Artists

  45. Klavikon

  46. Only Girl In The World (arr. MaJiKer)
    Juice Vocal Ensemble

  47. Float Dance EP2 (Download Only)
    Gabriel Prokofiev

  48. The Art of Remix
    Gabriel Prokofiev

  49. Gabriel Prokofiev Selected Classical Works 2003-2012
    Gabriel Prokofiev

  50. Laid Bare: Love Songs
    Juice Vocal Ensemble

  51. Talking Microtonal Blues
    House of Bedlam

  52. Float Dance EP1
    Gabriel Prokofiev

  53. Outside
    Aisha Orazbayeva

  54. Songspin
    Juice Vocal Ensemble

  55. Cello Multitracks
    Gabriel Prokofiev

  56. Troubairitz
    Tansy Davies

  57. Remixes and Originals Vol #1

  58. Mercury Acoustic
    The Mercury Quartet

  59. Tangled Pipes

  60. 'Import/Export' Gabriel Prokofiev - Suite for Global Junk
    Gabriel Prokofiev

  61. Piano Book No. 1 Gabriel Prokofiev
    Gabriel Prokofiev

  62. Gabriel Prokofiev Concerto for Turntables and Orchestra
    Gabriel Prokofiev

  63. Cortical Songs

  64. Gabriel Prokofiev String Quartet No.2
    Gabriel Prokofiev

  65. John Richards Suites for Piano and Electronics

  66. Gabriel Prokofiev String Quartet No.1
    Gabriel Prokofiev


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